Here’s how money changes hands in OC


The politicians on the Orange County Board of Supervisors have awarded hundreds millions of dollars in contracts to campaign contributors, including companies convicted of fraud, and allowed special interest lobbyists to write laws to benefit themselves instead of Orange County residents. For example:

  • Supervisors have taken $51,000 from a local lobbying group, the Hospital Association of Southern California, which recently negotiated contract hospital rates with the County. In one recent meeting, the Board of Supervisors dismissed the advice of County staff and instead voted to give hospitals more, even reading from the lobbyist recommendations (starting at 15:15 in the video below) to help formulate a motion during the meeting.
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    Watch the video for yourself.

Search the campaign finance disclosure files at the Orange County Registrar of Voters website.

Chairman Shawn Nelson, Fourth District

Vice Chair Patricia C. Bates, Fifth District

Supervisor Janet Nguyen, First District

Supervisor John M. W. Moorlach, Second District

Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Third District