Special Lobbyist Edition: Nov. 3, 2014

Orange County Supervisors hire lobbyists to advance the County’s agenda in Sacramento and Washington D.C. It turns out, Board members receive political contributions from the County’s lobbyists, too. It pays to follow the money. Here’s their recent vote on the lobbyists’ contracts:

Topic Campaign
Contributions Received
Result (Sept. 9 meeting)
Lobbyist Platinum Advisors $32,948 Pass
Lobbyist James F. McConnell $20,549 Pass

Check the campaign contributions for yourself here.

Why doesn’t Supervisor Nguyen want you to see her photo?
Why is Janet Nguyen the only County Supervisor who refuses to allow her photo to be used? Through the County’s taxpayer-funded attorney, she demanded her photo be removed. Call her and ask her why.
It pays to follow the money.

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